It is harder than ever for young people to afford properties and for people to move out alone. A way of increasing the asking price of your property is to add improvements – they can help to make it a much more enjoyable place to live, but it could make your house a much more enjoyable place to live.

After you’ve completed the desired renovations to your home, ensure that your carpets, leather upholstery and curtains are kept clean for the foreseeable future. If your home is in or around the Adelaide area, consider employing domestic carpet cleaners to maintain the cleanliness of your home.

Essex homes – listen out

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Hopefully the tips we have below will help you and raise the value of your home. Contact us.

Convert your garage:

By converting your garage into a liveable space, it can act as another bedroom, spare room or reception rooms. Straight away this increases the value and can result in a 10-20% higher asking price. See: Garage Ideas.

Around 90% of garages in the UK are left empty, and opening up your garage to the rest of the home can work in your favour, massively. Estimates have guessed that converting it into an en-suite bedroom could increase the value by £40,000.

Adding an architectural feature:

By installing something that you don’t see every day on houses, this can make it much more desirable to the potential buyer. Something we see as a stylish feature is having rooflights in your property, where possible.

Rooflights can add value to your property as it can be seen as a modern house and one that is well looked after. We recommend using EOS Rooflights – one of the UK’s most trusted suppliers. Select what window is suitable for your property by clicking here.

They have an extensive range of skylights for flat roofs – all of which has been hand selected because of their contemporary design and high glass specifications.

Adding a room to your loft:

People are building their properties up, rather than out. By doing this, it can add at least two extra rooms to the property, which could increase the asking price by 15% as it could help to increase the floor space by 30%. More information.

However, before having work completed, it is important to ensure your house has been insulated properly. Without it, energy could be escaping from your property and could rack up your bills at the end of every month.

If you’d like to save money, contact Keep Warm on 0800 612 7878 and see if you’re eligible for free room in a roof insulation. Find out more.