Why Invest in Buy-To-Let?

Put simply, buying a property to let is a great way to invest for the future. It allows you to cover your mortgage, it may even deliver a little extra from the rent it earns and in many cases it can act as a nest egg to be sold at a later date, for example, to fund the owner’s retirement.

How we can help you

Whether you are a fully-fledged property developer, expanding your portfolio or searching for one or two properties to finance your retirement, Eland Business Services can help you. As experts in our field we appreciate the different types of finance available and can help you find the best deal to suit your needs and aspirations.

What you will get

In the first instance, a free review of your business plan. We have years of experience which we can put to work on your behalf, offering you sound advice on many aspects of your plan. We can help you formulate a development and management strategy which fits your requirements and lifestyle and advise you on appropriate finance to go with it.
In other words, you will have our expertise at your fingertips so you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your investment.

Mortgages for Landlords

There are a number of ways to underwrite the purchase of a buy-to-let property, although, the one you choose will depend on the size of your portfolio and your experience. While commercial mortgages or secured loans may be better for some developers the most effective mortgages for buy-to-let investors tend to be those geared specifically for them.

If you are looking to track down the right buy-to-let mortgage we can help you to find the best deal. We have previously achieved loan to valuations of up to 89% but in todays market circa 70% is more typical. Highly geared no money down deals to obtain 100% lending are currently unavailable.

If you are based off shore, not to worry, we can still arrange buy-to-let mortgages for offshore companies and investors – for more details of to discuss your requirements, please get in touch.

Wanted! Property portfolio builders

If you are just starting out and aim to build a portfolio of buy-to-let properties you have come to the right place. For more experienced developers, we can arrange specialist facilities for landlords to free up cash or equity delivering financial flexibility and a powerful buying advantage over your competitors.

Whether you are buying your first property to let, a simple “nest egg” or already have a sizeable portfolio we can help you. At Eland Business Services Limited we aim to take the hassle out of arranging finance, to cut through the red tape and deliver a simple, user-friendly, straightforward service which will give you the best finance solution for you.

Beat the competition, move quickly

Whether you are a seasoned pro or buying your first investment you will know that once you’ve found that perfect investment property you must move fast.

At Eland Business Services, we offer advice, support, knowledge and experience to help you make the most not only of your new investment but of any you may already have. Working with you we will identify what kind of buy-to-let mortgage is best for you and then we will then help you to arrange it smoothly, without fuss and most importantly, fast.

To find out more or take advantage of our free advice service on your business plan get in touch. Don’t let that perfect property pass you by!

Buy To Let Mortgage Investments