Whether you’re moving home or looking to buy your first home, 1st Plus can help you.

We know that buying a home can be a stressful time and that’s why we will work hard to make sure that arranging your mortgage is hassle free.

We offer access to:Property development loans

When thinking of a property loan, a mortgage is the first thing that normally comes to mind. However, there are many more loans associated with property, suitable for homeowners, property developers and landlords. Carry on reading to find out more information.

Property development finance, fast, easy & simple

Private lenders often offer a better service than what banks and high street brokers could. Many banks have cut back on development lending, resulting in developers looking elsewhere for finance options. Find out more.

Private lenders may offer their own funds, meaning clients will receive a bespoke finance plan that can meet all of their solution in a suitable time frame.

A fast deal can make a massive difference between a finished arrangement and a lost opportunity. Bridging loans are commonly used as a requirement for a fast finance solution. See: Property Value Increase.

Finance CalculatorCommercial bridging loans

This type of loan is normally used to bridge a funding gap when either purchasing or renovating a commercial building. For commercial bridging to take place, 40% of the property’s value must come from commercial practices and means. In instance, this could be a building with a shop and flat. Read more here.

Bridging loans are also used to fund the expansion of small businesses.